Announcing the winners of the 2023 James Bartley Scholarship!

The James Bartley Scholarship Committee awarded two scholarships of $1,000 each this year to Kass Morrow and Meagan Ash! Congratulations to our talented recipients!
Kass is from Stamford and is a graduate of Sacred Heart in Greenwich. She will attend Northeastern University London.
Meagan is a Stamford resident and a graduate of Stamford High. She will attend UCONN Stamford.

Kathy Bartley; Erin Ash, Jessica’s mother; Micheal Feighan; Kass Morrow; Alex Morrow, Kass’ brother; Bob Morrow; Kass’ father and Polly Morrow; Kass’ mother Kathy Bartley, Meagan Ash, Mike Feighan, Kass Morrow, Jessica Romaniello

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